We're passionate explorers committed to uncovering the world's hidden gems, guiding travelers to unforgettable, off-the-beaten-path experiences.

At Unique Places, our journey is fueled by an insatiable passion for travel and a deep-seated commitment to uncovering the extraordinary. We’re not just another travel platform; we’re a community of avid adventurers on a mission to unearth the hidden gems, the secret corners, and the off-the-beaten-path treasures that make each destination truly unique.


With a team of dedicated explorers scouring the globe, we seek out those special places that often elude the mainstream travel guides – the charming boutique hotels tucked away in forgotten alleys, the cozy cafes serving up authentic local cuisine, the tucked-away art galleries waiting to be discovered.


But our mission goes beyond mere recommendations. We strive to inspire and empower fellow travelers to step off the well-trodden tourist paths and dive into the heart of authentic experiences. Whether you’re seeking a secluded mountain retreat, a quirky urban hideaway, or a vibrant cultural hotspot, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


So join us on this journey of exploration and discovery. Let’s unlock the secrets of the world together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Welcome to Unique Places – where extraordinary adventures await around every corner.

At Unique Places, we're all about shaking up your travel routine. We hope to inspire you to wander off the beaten path and discover some unforgettable adventures.

Antonio Cala

Antonio Cala

Co-Founder of Unique Places

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Hi! I’m Antonio, one of the creators of Unique Places.


My wife Amanda, and I spent the last decade chasing adventures around the globe. Together, we’ve traveled to over 150 countries and are currently traveling in our RV across the US, working our way to visit every state and every National Park of the country. 


We started traveling full time back in 2013. During the last 11 years, we cycled 25,000km + from California to Patagonia, sailed over 10,000NM around the Caribbean & Sea of Cortez, rode our motorbikes 30,000 kms+ across West Africa (Spain to South Africa) and visited Antarctica, among many other adventure expeditions.


All these experiences we’ve had during the last decade shaped our lives in so many wonderful ways that we were inspired to create something to help people like you find those off-the-radar places across the USA. 


That something is Unique Places, where we share our favorite hotels, lodges and stays that not many people know about and that make a trip to the area worthwhile. We hope you like the site and find some hidden gems to stay at during your next trip. 


If you are a passionate adventure traveler, we also run the popular newsletter Adventure Fix, the community for adventure travelers Summit, and the resource-based portal Adventure Travel Hub


– Antonio & Amanda


The team behind Unique Places

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