How to Find Unique Airbnb Stays

How To Find Unique Airbnb Stays

Last Updated on April 6, 2024

When you travel you want something different from your daily routine back home, and that often includes the search for something beyond ordinary hotels; a search for a stay that’s as unique as the trip itself. 


Whether it’s a cozy treehouse nestled in the woods or a sleek city loft that makes you feel like a local, finding a one-of-a-kind Airbnb can transform your travel experience. 


I’ve stayed in well over 200 Airbnb’s over my last 10 years of full-time traveling. So in this article I’m going to walk you through the nuances of pinpointing that perfect Airbnb stay that caters to your personal taste and needs.


Airbnb provides an array of filters and categories that help travelers tailor their searches for unique accommodations. However, scouring the vast number of listings to find that gem which strikes the right balance between novelty and comfort requires a bit of know-how. 


Through my experience, knowing your priorities and engaging effectively with hosts goes a long way in discovering a spot that promises an unforgettable stay. Plus, leveraging some clever booking tips can make the whole process smoother.


Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying personal preferences is crucial for a tailor-made Airbnb experience.
  • Effective communication with Airbnb hosts can enhance your stay.
  • Utilizing specific Airbnb search filters and booking strategies saves time and effort.
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Determining Your Unique Stay Criteria

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, remember this: pinpointing what makes a getaway perfect for you is key for a memorable Airbnb experience.


Assess Your Travel Style

I always start by reflecting on my travel habits. Am I looking for a tranquil retreat or a city adventure? Is a dedicated workspace crucial for me or is a well-stocked kitchen more my thing? I make a list of essentials versus nice-to-haves. For example:


  • Essentials
    • Fast Wi-Fi
    • Central location
  • Nice-to-haves
    • AC
    • Outdoor space

Consider Destination Characteristics

I then think about the destination’s unique features and how they align with my stay. Staying in a floating hut in Key West, Florida can be my definition of unique, but yours might be a mountain chalet. 



Researching Airbnb Categories helps me find homes that align with the characteristics of my destination. Am I after a lakefront view or perhaps proximity to national parks? I jot these down to narrow my search effectively.

Navigating Airbnb's Platform

When you’re looking for a unique place to stay, the key is understanding how to leverage Airbnb’s features to your advantage.


Utilizing Advanced Filters

After I’ve entered my destination and dates on Airbnb, I always jump straight to the advanced filters. This is where I can really narrow down my search. 


For instance, I always toggle on unique stays under the “Property Type” section which might include options like treehouses or yurts. If I’m feeling adventurous, I hit “More filters” and select amenities like a hot tub or a pool—whatever fits the vibe I’m going for. 


Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Property Type: Select “Unique stays” for options like yurts or treehouses
  • Amenities: Look for perks like hot tubs, pools, or indoor fireplaces
  • House Rules: If I’m bringing my pup, I check “Pets allowed”

Reading Between the Lines of Reviews

The reviews are where the real stories are told. I don’t just skim the star ratings—I read the reviews thoroughly to catch any nuances or hints about what makes the place special. Are multiple reviews raving about the sunrise view from the bedroom window? That’s a telltale sign for me. 


I look for consistent themes in feedback, such as cleanliness or a great location, as these are strong indicators of a reliable place to stay. 


Here’s how I approach reviews:

  • Look for Patterns: Consistent comments about stunning views or amazing amenities
  • Check Recent Reviews: They give the current state of the Airbnb
  • Mind the Responses: Hosts who reply thoughtfully seem more engaged and reliable
How to Find Unique Airbnb Stays

Engaging with Hosts

When I look for a unique Airbnb stay, I always take the opportunity to engage with hosts, because they offer a wealth of local knowledge and personal touches that can turn a good trip into a fantastic one.


Reaching Out For Local Tips

I’ve found that reaching out to hosts before booking can be super helpful. Simple questions like, “What’s your favorite coffee spot nearby?” or “Are there any hidden gems around your place?” not only help me plan my trip, but also establish a positive rapport with the host.


Asking About the Property’s Story

I also make it a point to ask about the property’s history. Every unique Airbnb I’ve stayed at has its own character and story that adds to the experience. For example, “Was this always a cottage or did it have another life beforehand?” Knowing such details makes my stay feel more personal and engaging.

Booking Tips and Tricks

Flexible Dates for Unique Finds


I’ve found that being flexible with my travel dates can lead to discovering some truly unique Airbnb spots. Often, the most memorable stays aren’t available if I’m dead set on specific dates. 


So, I toggle the date range feature to see what hidden treasures pop up just outside of my initial search window. This can sometimes reveal stays that I would otherwise miss out on due to limited availability.


Securing Your Stay Safely

Once I’ve got my eye on that perfect Airbnb, I make sure to secure it safely. This means always completing my booking and communication through Airbnb’s platform. Not only does this offer me protection through Airbnb’s policies, but it helps me keep track of all my trips in one place. 


I never transfer money outside of Airbnb’s system; it’s just not worth the risk. Also, I like to read through the reviews from previous guests and verify that the host is responsive before I hit that ‘Book’ button. This little bit of due diligence goes a long way in ensuring a smooth experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I filter Airbnb searches to find the quirkiest accommodations?

I recommend to play around with the search filters a lot. Things like setting the ‘property type’ to something out of the ordinary or adjusting my ‘amenities’ preferences can bring forward the quirkiest places to stay.


Are there specific Airbnb categories for unique or rare stays?

Absolutely, Airbnb does have categories for unique stays. I often look for categories like ‘Tiny homes’ or ‘A-frames’ to zero in on something that’s both rare and special.


Can you give advice on booking one-of-a-kind Airbnb experiences?

My advice is to book as early as possible when I find a really cool spot. Unique stays usually have high demand and limited availability. I keep an eye on the reviews too; they can give great insight into what makes the experience one-of-a-kind.

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